Who Has Latest Facelift Procedures with Minimal Cutting?

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Least scars facelift

I have been doing facelifts with mini incisions for years.I don't see anything newer or better than what I do..See my video

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Facelift Procedures with Minimal Incisions

    Short scar facelifts if done expertly reduce scar burden without bunching or irregularity.  Find the plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of facelift procedures each year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Facelift Technology is Not the Same as iPad/iPhone Technology

In the world of Facial Surgery, 'technology' plays a role but it doesn't always deserve all the attention. No doubt, there are more options available today then several decades ago - Laser Resurfacing, Laser Liposuction, Non-Invasive Facial Tightening, Injectable Fillers, Fat Grafting and 'Stem Cell' lifts are all part of the New Age of Facial Surgery. In the right patients, these procedures can provide great benefit. However, when excess loose skin is the issue at hand, nothing gives as dramatic an improvement as surgery. But with patients being more educated and proactive in this day and age, we are seeing more and more patients earlier in the aging process allowing for the chance of success with some of these newer approaches.

Manu Gujrati, MD
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Latest Facelifts

The latest Facelifts do, indeed, usually have less long incisions than older Facelifts on the average. However, those with short incisions are only possible if the anatomy is right. This, unfortunately, is infrequent. Ask your surgeon if he/she uses techniques such as the MACS Lift or other similar procedures. Then trust him/her it you are told you need a full incision lift to achieve your desired result and longevity.

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
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Any operation must tailor the operation to the problem.

"Mini" operations occasionally are indicated--even for facial aging.  But smaller operations yield compromised results.  The patient needs to know what can be accomplished by any procedure and make a decision based on their expectations.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Minimal Cutting Facelift Procedure

Mini Incision procedures are great for some problems on some people.   The mini incision forehead endoscopic lift is great but the entire forehead must be lifted and pinned for a successful result.   I do really like this  procedure.   When addressing the facelift, a mini incision may mean a mini result but not always.  The MACS Facelift is the Short Scar Facelift made famous by Dan Baker, MD of New York City.   Dan is the true leader in this area.  Tim MartenMD uses the incision that is necessary and never too long but just right.  Tim is a real master and I will head his way when I am ready for a facelift.  Tim Marten , MD is in San Francisco.  Whatever kind of incisions they will be perfect by Dr Marten,  Its the surgeon that counts and great surgeons make great incisions.  Do not be fooled by nonsense claims of magical short incisions.   Best  Dr Commons

George Commons, MD
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Advances in Minimal Scar Facelift Surgery: The Lite Lift™


Advances in Minimal Scar Facelift Surgery: The Lite Lift™

Minimally invasive procedures are the focus of all surgical fields and plastic surgery is no exception. The trend for looking your best has moved towards procedures that have rapid healing times, reduced risk and leave significantly less scarring than traditional methods. More importantly, most patients want a natural, refreshed look without the appearance of having had surgery. The Lite-Lift™, modified facelift procedure, exemplifies these principles by having 40% less scarring, and nearly half the surgical down time. Rather than being performed with general anesthesia, most are performed in our office with oral sedation and local anesthesia without an IV.


It seems rational that the more extensive a procedure is, the more dramatic and long lasting the outcome will be but this is not always true. Though there is still a place for the traditional facelift, with it there is also increased recovery time and potential for problems. By using advanced techniques deep to the skin, we are able to minimize external skin incisions and scarring. For example, placing the scar within portions of the ear and ending the incision behind the earlobe crease eliminates the usual telltale scar of a full facelift. Similarly, repositioning the incisions to hide them is also used. For example, beveling the incisions just behind the hairline allows the sideburn not to be displaced too high while allowing hair to grow through the scar to conceal it. In contrast to the traditional facelift, the Lite-Lift™ re-draping of skin is upward, a more natural, antigravity, direction eliminating the “swept away” unnatural pull too often seen in Hollywood stars with older facelift techniques. These and other advanced techniques along with modifications and innovations by Dr. Nichter  are what make up the essence of the Lite Lift™.

The techniques of the Lite Lift are advanced and predictable in the most skilled hands of Plastic Surgeons Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery . The best candidates are those patients with some remaining skin elasticity (late 30’s to 60’s) but this technique is also applicable to most patients including those in good health but advanced age. Best of all, this technique can incorporate synergistic procedures such as blepharoplasty (eyelid lift), temple/brow lift, cheek lift, and liposuction of the neck and jaw line, chemical peels and more. These added procedures heal simultaneously so a speedy recovery is expected.

Our patients remain our biggest source of our referrals. Over time they remain thrilled with their Lite-Lift™ results. I share their enthusiasm and appreciate their long lasting rejuvenation which affects them inside and out.

I agree there is a wide variability techniques out there. Many of the latest advances focus on minimal skin incision with maximum improvement beneath the skin.. This is not surprising as there are many techniques, different elasticity of the skin, anatomical variation, different fat deposits (or wasting) and so on. Some techniques  focus on underlying structural lifting (SMAS lifts). But probably most important factor of all is in fact  the skill and experience of the surgeon. Always check out his/her before and after photos and ask to see long term results and most of all that he is trained and a board certified plastic surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery or board certified facial plastic surgeon. It is their role to see you through this complicated decision making process. You will probably also want to ask your plastic surgeon about the difference between a traditional facelift and a mini lift (both usually address the deeper structural lifting you mentioned).
A full or "traditional" facelift  addresses the sagging upper and lower neck skin and (platysmal) vertical neck bands, jowls,  lower and mid nasolabial folds and marionette lines. It involves incisions from the temple scalp, along the front of the ear (inside the mid part for women), behind the ear in the crease then along or into the scalp hair behind the ear towards the back of your neck with undermining of the skin and  tightening of underlying support tissues.


A mini-facelift, or "short scar facelift" or as I call it in my practice addresses all of the above except for the lower neck. The difference is that the incisions are shorter - basically the same description in front of the ear and temple scalp but ending at the level of the earlobe (in front or in back) - as much as 40% less scarring. Remember it is the expertise and skill of the surgeon, not the technique that is most important.

Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS
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Facial Perfection does not require Ducktape!

Hello Ducktape, I agree that there is alot of hype regarding "short scar" facelifts.  Some patients do not require what some call a full facelift and some of these patients may only require a more limited incision, but this is not the norm.  However,  when a patient has modest to moderate facial tissue excess this dedicates the length of the incision.  We find that combinging other techniques such as laser, skin tightening, etc can help to move some patients into this category.  Ducktape, feel free to give us a call, if you have any more questions, 678-213-2220.

John Frodel, MD
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Who Has Latest Facelift Procedures with Minimal Cutting?

"Minimal cutting" often results in minimal improvement or minimal satisfaction. There are alot of options and depending upon how severe the extent of facial aging or the areas that concern you a less invasive option might be satisfactory. However, for patients who require alot of rejuvenation of the neckline and jawline, a traditional facelift with a very inconspicuous incision is still the best option. Many injectable, laser, ultrasound and radiofrequency options are available but nothing, to date, offers the same benefits for severe facial aging as a traditional facelift. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Stephen Weber, MD, FACS
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Who Has Latest Facelift Procedures with Minimal Cutting?

 I have performed Face Lifts for 25 years and IMHO, they have evolved from the invasive traditional 5 hour Face Lift to what I call minimal incision variants, like our "Celebrity Face Lift".  Smaller incisions, less dissection all mean a more rapid recovery.  The aesthetics of facial beauty must be understood and followed as this becomes paramount in the creation of a naturally more attractive face.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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