Latest, Most Effective Non-surgical Solution to Hollow/sunken Eyes?

I am a female who's in her early 20s, and my sunken/hollow (especially lower lids) eyes are bothering me a lot. They also appear a bit reddish (dark) in the inner corners (Fitzpatrick 3-4). Are are there non-surgical solutions to increase the volume of the skin around the eyes (creams and/or lasers?) I have heard about fillers but I am not considering them, as I would like a permanent solution. I have no underlying health issues. Please help, my confidence is shattered.

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My suggestion is to see a board certified specialist skilled in fat grafting, #lipoinjection in the lower lid cheek junction also called the tear trough.


Solution for sunken eyes

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At your age, the most likely solution would be micro-fat grafting as it provides a potentially permanent solution.  Your surgeon should be able to advise you about the risks of fat grafting including lumpiness.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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Nonsurgical solution to hollow / sunken eyes

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There appears to be two issues based on your presentation. One is loss / shift of volume and second skin discoloration. In my opinion micro fat grafting is a good solution alternatively fillers can also help to improve the appearance. Though fat is a permanent solution even fillers can last long. As far as the skin colour is concerned carboxytherapy has shown good improvement. Pleae discuss with your doctor about different options.

Sanjay Parashar, MD
Dubai Plastic Surgeon
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It would be helpful to see you pictures in order to better understand the extend of your concern.  I would like to confirm that you enjoy good health and no underlying medical reasons for your problem.  If your problem is purely genetic and structural, you could consider structural micro-fat graft. It is considered permanent.  However, the volume and degree of improvement is unpredictable.  

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