Lateral Wall (Rim) Excision to Lift Lateral Point of Nostrils?

Hi! A year ago I had an alar base reduction to correct a deformity caused by orthognathic surgery. These surgeries left me with tiny flared nostrils, making my tip look large when it is in fact not. I have asked rhinoplasty surgeons in real life, they mainly said there is not much you can do. I stumbled accross a technique called "Lateral wall (rim) excision" but cannot find much info on it / doctors that perform it. I am seeking information and/or experience doctors who have a reliable solution

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Rim retraction is a troubling issue.  Consult an experienced Cosmetic Rhinoplastic specialist who performs revision surgery.

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Looks like alar rim retraction to me

Looking at your photos it looks more like alar rim retraction to me.  The 'preferred' appearance that you have posted can be achieved with a 'rim graft'.  I would not recommend the excision you have posted.  Find a reputable and experienced rhinoplasty surgeon in your area and ask about a 'rim graft'.  Good luck. 

Farzad R. Nahai, MD
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