Do I Need Lateral Osteotomies? (photo)

I have had a rhinoplasty about 2 years ago, to remove a small bump. My surgeon told me it could be removed just by shaving down the bump without osteotomies. He told me that in this case my nose would become a bit wider but it shouldn't be much of a problem. Based on my picture, do you think my nose became too wide ?

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Need for Lateral Osteotomies After Rhinoplasty

Lisa, it is somewhat difficult to tell based on the single photo provided. From the view I am looking at, I think your nose is in fairly good balance with your face.

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Lateral Osteotomies for Rhinoplasty

The "bump" on top of a nose is called the dorsal hump and can have both bony and cartilaginous components.  When it is rasped (bony) and shaved down (cartilaginous part), it can leave a wider and flattened appearance called an open roof.  To close this roof, lateral osteotomies with infracturing are performed if the hump caused an open roof.  Very small humps may not need it, but an in-person exam with your input is the best advice.  Hope this helps.

Peter J. Simon, MD
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Need for Lateral Osteotomies

Lateral osteotomies would be used to narrow the bridge. It is difficult to determine the width of your nose based on an oblique view. Please submit straight-on pictures.   

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Is there an 'open roof'?


The short answer is that it's tough to tell from a photograph.  When a rhinoplasty surgeon shaves the top of the nose (the hump) down, it often creates a 'flat top' that requires the bones to be moved towards to middle to close (osteotomies).  In some instances, if the nose is really narrow already or the amount removed is minimal, it may not be required.  You really should be examined by an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon for a definitive answer. 

Sam Most, MD
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