Lateral Eyebrow Lift?

I was going to go see an Oculoplastic surgeon in regards to having upper eyelid lift surgery. After being on this website, I realized that I may need a lateral eyebrow lift instead (or maybe both). Who is best doctor to see in regards to an eyebrow lift?

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There is no "best" doctor

When it comes to the brows, many different specialties [Oculoplastics, Facial Plastics, and General Plastics] can and do successfully perform browlift.

A more important question to ask is whether your surgeon is facile with the many different approaches to browlifting [coronal, endoscopic, hairline, temporal, etc]

Different patients would benefit from different techniques, so having a surgeon that has many "tricks up his/her sleeve" would be ideal.

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Lateral brow lift

Very often I see patients who come in looking for upper eyelid surgery who truly need a brow or forehead lift. Descent of the brows below the rim of the eye socket will push the skin of the eyelids down, causing folds or hooding. Just removing upper eyelid skin in these patients will result in residual skin hooding after they are healed.  I explain this to my patients, although many elect to still just have the eyelids done, usually due to cost concerns.  Oculoplastic surgeons are trained in the anatomy of the eyelid, brows and forehead and can give you advice on which procedure will give you the outcome you desire and what the risks and benefits are. 

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