Is this lateral displacement? Or normal breast 'behavior'? Should I worry and will it get worse? (photo)

I've had my 550cc saline HP for about 3 months. I started a tiny D cup and my left boob was lower than my right. I've always seen my ribs/sternum. The were falling to the sides A LOT pre-op. I've notice recently that my left implant falls a little more to the sides when I lay down. If I wear a bra or bikini I don't have any problem. Naked, it slides down a little and I can feel my sternum/see where the implant starts quite clearly. I love my results otherwise. Standing up they are perfect to me.

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Breast behavior

I think you look spectacular and as it happens there is nothing easy to do about the breasts that would make enough improvement to justify the risk

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Post op results

I agree that you have a wonderful result and should be very pleased with your appearance. Best of luck.

Breast augementation issue

Your breasts look quite nice and when lying down, all breasts slide a bit out to the sides. The only way to improve this is by opening the pocket and tightening the lateral capsule pocket.

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Your breast implant results look normal at this point. Some asymmetry is common

Thank you for your question and photographs.I agree with Dr. Lambros, you look excellent.

I recommend he stop worrying and enjoy your beautiful results. If you have problems in the future you can address them then.

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