Lateral Crural Overlay Vs. Shield Graft: Post-revision

11 weeks post-revision (male thick skin): tip graft repositioned, tip reshaped, second graft in the lower middle was repositioned. Question: would not using lateral crural overlay, maybe combined with upper lateral cartilage resection lift the tip up while allowing to lower the nasofacial angle at the same time? Does not the shield graft add the length and “bulk” even more ? Technically surgery was flawless, just second-guessing what if different approach was used. Thank you.

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Lateral Crural Overlay vs Shield Graft

Depending on your surgeon, different techniques are used to accomplish the same results. A lateral crural overlay will support the collapsed lateral crus of the lower lateral cartilage. A shield graft will increase tip projection and definition and lengthen the nose. I hope you enjoy your new nose, regardless of what was done.

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Lateral Crural Overlay Vs. Shield Graft: Post-revision

Hi D,

See you in Chicago this June for the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery Rhinoplasty Conference.  You seem to know more about rhinoplasty than many surgeons.  With complex rhinoplasty such as yours, there are more than one way to "skin the cat".  Monday morning quarterbacking doesn't help anything.  Hope that your nose settles in your desired result.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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Second guessing surgery

You have a very nice nose under very difficult conditions.  You should stop second guessing, enjoy the nose and let the swelling subside.

You may want to consider a chin implant for better balance.



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