I Had Lateral Cataplexy 6 Months Ago in Thailand. People Still Comment my Eyes Look Asian and Uneven, Revision? (Photo)

I had LC done 6 months ago in Thailand (by a US trained doctor). People still comment my eyes look uneven and asian. I am wondering about revision options. My doctor suggests just cutting the suspending suture. I am wondering if this is the best option or will leave the area under my eyes "baggy" again. Is it better to reposition the suture lower on the orbital socket? Right eye worse I would really appreciate your wisdom on my revision options. Is it better to see a (US) occuplasty surgeon?

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Please don't go to Thailand to save money on cosmetic surgery .

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The doctor who is suggesting "cutting the suspension suture" does not understand cantal surgery.  The surgeon in Thailand did not just place the cantal angles in the wrong place.  They also over shortened the lower eyelid.  You can certainly wait to be revised but you are ready to be revised now.  The thing is there are very few surgeons with the skills to make this right.  Please choose your next surgeon with great care.

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Consider waiting another 6 months

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I certainly agree that your lateral canthal position is high, especially on the right side, and it will likely need revision by lowering the attachment to the eye socket, as you mentioned. However, I would consider waiting another 6 months.

This will further allow softening of the scar which might not be enough to obviate need for surgery, but certainly will make the surgery a bit easier for your surgeon, and improve your recovery.

You need to choose a surgeon that is highly experienced in revision cases. You can find a well trained oculoplastics surgeon using the link below.

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