Can a Lateral Abdominal Muscle Defect (Herniated Muscle and Tissue Layers- Lemon Sized Bulge) Be Repaired Through Tummy Tuck?

I had an ultrasound that showed a large complex mass right lat side between lower rib and iliac crest..Radiologist feels it's a herniation defect of multiple layers of tissue and muscles..Prob from XLIF L3-4 (left lateral approach) nov 2011 or from Lat-Flap surgery Nov 2009 for reconstruction after breast cancer (bilateral mastectomies)

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Can a Lateral Abdominal Muscle Defect Be Repaired Through Tummy Tuck?

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The exposure of the abdominal wall is enough to do any type of open abdominal hernia surgery. The type of defect your are describing is complex, and should be addressed by a surgeon with expertise in abdominal hernia repair. That surgeon may likely by a general surgeon, and that surgeon may prefer to do this with a laparoscope, in which case the incision is not relevant.

At any rate, proper consultation with a surgeon experienced in tummy tuck and one expert in hernia repair should provide you with enough info to make your decision.


Thanks for the question, best wishes.

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