Is it too late for me? Seven weeks post lipo and not looking too good.

I'm seven weeks post op. First month I saw a nice change, but at week 7 I look the same as before...bloated and square in shape. If I wear the binder with the Velcro and secure it it too late to give me the hour glass shape since I am so many weeks out? Will it even matter now? I still have some slight swelling but I have softened up a lot. I resuming working scared I did this for nothing. :(

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Seven weeks is too early to pass judgment on liposuction.

Patients will see continued improvement for up to six months after liposuction. Remain patient and periodically Check in with your surgeon.

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Liposuction Results at 7 Weeks

The hardest part about liposuction is being patient.  Results can take months to become what they are going to be long term. The first six-twelve weeks can have swelling, temporary lumps and, most importantly, gradual improvement. Patience really is important with your results. 
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Liposuction results

Its difficult to comment without seeing your before and after pictures. However, due to its nature liposuction results are not seen immediately. It can take sveral months for final results to be realized. The surgeon obviously removed some fat, so there should be a benefit. I would wait 12 weeks before judging the results. All surgeons want happy and satisfied patients, if you are dissapointed go back and discuss this with him. To get your desired results you may have needed a more aggressive approach such as a tummy tuck. Give it time and your doctor will sort things out.

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