Is It Too Late to Change Your Mind and Go Bigger??

I'm getting my BA in 2 weeks. I'm getting a 480cc on right n 510 on left...but thinking real hard about I want to go with 500cc on both. I already know the size n how it looks on me...oh btw I'm going with saline n under it too late to tell my doctor I want to go a few cc bigger???

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Breast implant size

It depends on the surgeon.  Some surgeons keep an inventory of a variety of sizes, and others order them on a patient by patient basis. In either case, implants can be shipped overbite if need be so if you discuss this with your surgeon, there should be plenty of time to,reconsider size.  good luck!

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Too late to change your mind

Dr. Richard J Brown has answered this question in a most impressive manner. I would only add that you shouldn't be changing your mind on the day of the surgery for many reasons including that the implant you say you want may not be available in the OR or on short notice. The other is that one of the advantages of the saline-filled breast implant is that the fill volume can be varied one time when it is put in. The correct volume ranges from the rated (minimum volume) to about 10% more, which for a nearly 500 cc implant would be as much as 50 cc's. Rather that put different size implants in for breasts that are supposed to be the same width, it would make sense to use the same size implant but vary the fill by 30 cc (borderline noticeable) from one side compared to the other. My main point, as Dr. Brown details, is that the implant should be based on the correct width and choice of forward volume (profile), not the number of cc's or how it looks externally. 

Scott L. Replogle, MD
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Going Bigger on Breast Augmention?

It is not too late at all. The volume changes you are talking about is merely a sip from a cup of water. If you have communicated your goals to your surgeon and you trust that they know what you desire and are looking for then you have to trust your surgeon. They will give you what you want. I do not even really discuss a number with my patients anymore if you want to know the truth. Sizing a patient for an augmentation has become so much more simple to me now that I use the shoe analogy to size patients. The bottom line is your breast has a defined width just like you foot has a defined size. When you shop for shoes you always choose the same size, but some are tall shoes, some are flat shoes. Implants come in tall, flat and in between. You should never place an implant that is wider than the natural width of your breast or half of the implant will be in your armpit. In the same manner you would never buy a size 10 shoe if you are a size 5 right. So in my mind you are not choosing a volume number, you are choosing shoe that fits the foot. Not everyone can have a 500 cc implant. If your breast is 12 centimeters wide then you can choose the flat, tall, or in between implant that is 12 centimeters wide. If the 500 cc implant is 14 centimeters wide then it is too wide for you. My point is, do not get stuck on a volume number. Get the implant that fits your breast width. 

Richard J. Brown, MD
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Is It Too Late to Change Your Mind and Go Bigger??

I'm certain your plastic surgeon wants you to be comfortable with your choices.

You have plenty of time to go before your surgery - I suggest you call or drop by to see your surgeon at the first opportunity.

By the way, did you know that 20cc is a little more than a tablespoon?

Try not to get too wound up over very small amounts.

Good luck!

Eric Pugash, MD
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Breast Aug Questions

Thanks for your question.  It's never too late to speak with your doctor prior to your surgery.  Make sure that the two of you are on the same page so that your results will be something that you want rather than something that is chosen for you by someone else.  Hope that helps.

Shaun Parson, MD
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If your surgery is 2 weeks away there shouldn’t be a problem with going a little bigger, you just have to call your doctor office so they make the adequate changes for you.

Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
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Implant choices

Going for 500 cc's which is  in between the two sizes you want probably is not a problem. Just check with your surgeon to make sure he orders the correct implants.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Always have your questions answered before surgery

If you haven't had surgery it isn't too late to change your mind.  It is critical before any plastic surgery procedure that you be totally comfortable and ready to go.  If there is any doubt you need to speak up and mention your concerns to your surgeon.  I am sure they will understand and would rather discuss things with you before surgery than afterwards. The morning of surgery is not a good time to be making decisions either.  If you have concerns call and go back to see your surgeon.  Good luck. 

Jason E. Leedy, MD
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon
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Is It Too Late to Change Your Mind and Go Bigger??

It is certainly not to late to communicate your feelings with your surgeon. But I am concerned that you feel you know what the implants look like "on you." I can pretty much guarantee you have no idea what the implants will look like "In" you. The look is quite different once the implants are reshaped by the pressure of the muscles, the elasticity of the skin and the overlying shape of your natural breast tissue. If you are going into the OR with only one size planned and available, you may be disappointed in the outcome. You need to let your surgeon know what finished look you want. He can then try different volume Sizers in you during surgery to determine what size implant it will take to get your results that you are looking for.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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Too late to change my mind on implant size?

It is not too late. It would be more problematic to change it after surgery. Talk to your surgeon, there's a reason why he/she recommended what they did. On the other hand, the change you are contemplating is not significant (30cc=0.5oz). This is hardly noticeable one way or another. Good luck with your surgery.

George Marosan, MD
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