After liposuction should I use a faja girdle to help form my shape rather than a regular girdle with no form?

I recently gotten lipo and the girdle he used was tight for 5 days and had a foam just in the bottom front of my stomach. My bottom stomach is the flattest out of everything . The girlde he used didnt have any form , it was a girdle that looked like it was meant for a grandma? Panty form but covered my entire stomach but was thin and no shape literally straight . Will this mess up a form i could have had if i put on a cincher(faja)? Something to mold me?

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Best Compression Garments For Liposuction

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There is no best garments after liposuction but there are different companies that product quality garments or tailors who produce custom garments. Some of my favorites are Marena (entire line), Dale (first stage abdominal binder), Medical Z (after liposuction), Design Veronique (entire line), and BellaDeena (second stage, long term). The above are all superior quality, but must be used properly to help -- which is to decrease swelling after the procedure and to compress the skin to the new contours without creating irregularities.  Please follow your physician instructions.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Post operative garments

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 What you describe sounds like a standard post operative pressure garment used after liposuction.These are used routinely and represent the standard of care after liposuction. 

The purpose of these garments are you giving even and diffuse pressure on treated areas.  I don't believe the use of any type of pressure garments including a faja Will change the long-term results after liposuction. 

other then choosing the correct size most post operative garments are quite standard in regards to body shape.I suppose they are made to fit the average shape body. 

 based on what you describe you most likely have a very nice curvy and figured body. 

I suggest reviewing options for different postoperative garments with your plastic surgeon who would be the appropriate person to answer your question. 

in my practice I will sometimes add an abdominal binder which can give extra compression around the upper hips waist and mid abdomen. Best,Mats Hagstrom M.D. 

Mats Hagstrom, MD
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