Last Month of Isotretinoin, Two Bouts of Diarrhea, Should I Stop Taking It?

This is my second course of treatment, took it for 6 mo. in 2010. I am on 80 mg/day Clavaris, 150 lb female, and in the past 3 weeks I have had 2 bouts of diarrhea along with cramping when it's time to go. The first time, I took 2 Immodium pills and then everything was fine for 2 weeks. Today I had diarrhea again and noticed a small amount of blood as well, but only when I wiped, had this symptom a couple of times however (hemorrhoids?). I have 5 days left, could this be serious? Should I stop?

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Diarrhea and Isotretinoin

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Since it's just two bouts and they haven't been occurring all of the time, I would think you are fine to finish out your 5 days of pills. But if you have concerns, see your prescribing doctor and/or a GP for an in-person assessment.

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