Laser or Chemical Peel for Skin with Brown Spots, Fine Wrinkles and Broken Capillaries

I return from Iraq with sun damaged (brown spots) and broken capalaries. I am 43 years old. Which procedure would work best?

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Laser or Chemical Peel?

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  As I have said many times on this forum, it is not the modality of the treatment which is important in giving patients the results that they seek.  It is the experience and the expertise of the treating physician that matters most of all.  IMHO, chemical peels often provide the same results as the laser, usually at less cost.  Broken capillaries may respond best to treatment with a hyfrecator (less costly) or with an IPL (more costly).

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PDL and Clear and Brilliant for skin discoloration

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I would use PDL and clear and brilliant lasers followed by Luminase and Exfolase creams to help brighten and tone body discoloration. 


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IPL is good

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A photofacial (IPL) is great for brown spots and broken capillaries, while fine wrinkles may benefit from chemical peels or other laser technologies.

Laser Resurfacing for Brown Spots, Fine Wrinkles and Broken Capillaries

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  • Brown Spots and Broken Capillaries - Series of BBL/IPL treatments
  • Fine Wrinkles - Resurfacing with series of erbium laser peels

I think you would benefit significantly from the above mentioned treatments based on your concerns.  The BBL treatments are excellent for facial pigment abnormalities (dyschromias) as well as the broken capillaries.  Resurfacing with the Sciton erbium laser will provide excellent improvement in the skin texture as well a the fine wrinkles depending on the depth of resurfacing you choose after a full evaluation by your physician performing the procedure.

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