LASIK and Sensivity to Contact Lenses

Hello, I have weared contact lenses for years, until my left eye developed a chronic sensitivity towards contact lenses. I have tried various kinds of contacts, Acuve True Vision, Moist and others but to no avail; as soon as I wear the lens I feel an uncomfortable feeling and I have to remove it.

My concern is whether it has any implications if I consider doing LASIK? As far as I know, at the end of the LASIK procedure a contact lens is placed on the cornea. Please advise, Alon

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Bandage contact lenses are used after PRK

Bandage contact lenses are used after PRK (no flap) and usually not after LASIK (flap).  Contact lens intolerance can be a sign of other issues that can affect laser vision correction.  Dry eyes are possibly the most common cause of contact lens related issues and can often be treated successfully, allowing patients to have surgery and do very well post operatively.  A thorough eye exam is required.

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Good news

First - you can have LASIK if you see an eye care specialist - and identify and treat any underlying dry eye.  This is the most common reason for contact lens intolerance.  Speak with your doctor about punctal plugs to raise the tear film, restasis, etc.   Assuming your dry eye is treated - you should be eligible for LASIK - assuming everything else about your eye is normal (normal corneal shape, etc)

  Just to mention - for LASIK - there is no contact lens.  


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LASIK and Sensitivity to Contact Lenses

Sensitivity to contact lenses as you describe is often a reason that people undergo LASIK.  This should not influence your results and contact lenses are usually not placed on your eye after LASIK.  Even if you should require PRK or a surface procedure, your sensitivity to lenses is not a contraindication to the procedure.

LASIK is often a wonderful alternative to contact lenses and I would recommend that you seek care from an eyeMD who specializes in refractive surgery.  Make sure you communicate your contact lens issues with the surgeon and that you undergo a complete eye examination.  Most patients are thrilled after LASIK and wish they had the procedure sooner. 

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Your Sensivity to Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are not used in patients who undergo Lasik. Many people come to my practice in Texas because they want to stop using contact lenses. The procedure does not include any type of implant - make sure your Lasik surgeon will use an all-laser Intralasik procedure, in which a corneal flap is created with one laser and then a second laser reshapes the surface and corrects the refractive error before putting the flap back in place and letting the eye heal naturally. You only have to wear a contact lens for one day after surgery.

I would recommend to speak to a local experienced Lasik surgeon and have him/her answer any questions and concerns that you may have and make sure that you are a good candidate for the procedure.

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Contact Lens Intolerance

One of the most common reasons people have laser vision correction surgery is contact lens intolerance. Before proceeding with the surgery, I would recommend staying out of the contact lenses until the eyes are back to normal. Any dry eye, allergic or giant papillary conjunctivitis, corneal neovascularization and other signs of contact lens intolerance should be resolved before taking final measurements for surgery. Your surgeon will know when the time is right for proceeding. Typically contact lenses are placed on the eye for about 4 days after surface ablation procedures such as PRK but less often after LASIK surgery. Since post-op patients are taking multiple eyedrops, the temporary bandage soft contact lenses don't usually pose any problems, even in those people who were previously contact lens intolerant.

Christopher Starr, MD
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LASIK and Cataract Surgery and Sensitivity to Contact Lenses

Many patients have contact lens discomfort prior to either Laser Vision Correction(Lasik and PRK) or cataract surgery. In fact, in my practice in Baltimore, Maryland, over 50% of the patients coming to me for Lasik are contact lens intolerant. It is important for you to know, though , that after Lasik there is no contact lens placed in the eye. A contact lens is used for 3-4 days after PRK, but the procedure you would likely have is Lasik. The same goes for cataract contact lens is used. So, if you look at it optimistically, your contact lens days will be over very soon!

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