Will I be able to get LASIK with a scar on my cornea?

I have a scar on my eye from a corneal abrasion from 6.5 years ago. I was told initially that I probably couldnt get LASIK. I don't think it's deep but it cover a small part of my pupil so the vision in that eye has the same prescription as the other but its is slightly more blurry even with contacts in. I needed contacts for astigmatism on the scar eye but it healed well so I've had normal contacts again for a few years Does it sound like I might be able to get LASIK?

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LASIK with Corneal Scar

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If your vision is blurry even with your contact, you should have the scar addressed first before you consider refractive surgery. If it is superficial you may be able to treat it with PTK (surface laser) and then PRK with Mitomycin after it is healed and your prescription is stable.

San Diego Ophthalmologist

Lasik with corneal scar

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I would need to examine your cornea in order to give a more definitive answer. You may still be a good candidate for Lasik or PRK surgery depending on the depth of the scar. If it is currently interfering with your vision it may still do so even after the surgery. Depending on the depth, the scar may be reduced or eliminated with Lasik or PRK. If you were to have Lasik you may not want to have the laser flap creation because the laser can have a hard time with scars.

Brian Davis, MD
Salt Lake City Ophthalmologist

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