Can LASIK or PRK Performed for Thin Cornea? I Have Corneal Thickness of 493 and 496. I'm Wearing Contact Lens for Past 6 Years.

Can LASIK or PRK performed for thin cornea?I have corneal thickness of 493 and 496. I'm wearing contact lens for past 6 years.I discontinued wearning contact lens for 3 weeks prior to the initial checkup.

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Prk or lasek or epilasek or intralase or lasik for thin corneas

here is the absolute truth of how safe each procedure is, in order of least safe to most safe, objectively, if you have thin corneas, which you do:


IntraLase, i-LASIK, femptosecond LASIK, "bladeless" LASIK



Emil Chynn, MD, MBA

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