Lasik or PRK best for Glare Issues?

Trying to decide between lasik and prk(8 and 8.75 myopias). Most recent consultation has Femto LDV bladeless technology and Wavelight Allegretto. My cornea measured at 535 so with 90 lasik flap and 120 correction, I'll have 325 microns left, so lasik is possible. My concern now is glare issues. my pupils measure at 7.5mm and corrected area (either way) is 8mm. Will I have more nighttime glare with lasik than prk? If I have a better chance at good night vision, its worth the extra pain.

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Glare after lasik vs prk

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i was had LASIK myself, back in 1999. amd i, like many post-LASIK patients, have some night glare, which is caused by the fact that i now have a 2-piece cornea for the rest of my life, because the flap interface never really heals

therefore, when light enters my eye, it reflects/refracts/back-scatters across my flap interface, which contributes to night glare and halos

when i switched from LASIK to LASEK (an advanced form of PRK), the incidence of night glare and halos in my patients decreased dramatically. now, i wish i had done an ASA (Advanced Surface Ablation) rather than a LASIK, but ASA didn't exist back in 1999

btw, there is no pain w an ASA = LASEK or epiLASEK, and lots with an old-fashioned PRK

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