I Had Lasik and PPK About Four Years Ago. I Have Tear Duct Plugs. Is Latisse Still Safe?

I had Lasik and PPK four years ago. I have tear duct plugs which help my severe dry eye. Since using Latisse my eyes have been a bit blurry. Is this just my dry eye worsening along with my redness, itchiness and eye irritation or could I have experienced corneal damage?

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Latisse can worsen dry eye

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If you've had refractive surgery done (in this case LASIK and PRK), that can certainly cause worsening dry eyes.  It is usually temporary, but can be long-lasting in some cases.  Dry eye can often have an inflammatory component, which is the basis of patients using Restasis, which is a safe anti-inflammatory medication.  Medications like Latisse have the ability to stir up the immune system locally and could make dry eye worse.  When used in drop form for glaucoma, one of the known side effects is to cause redness and irritation to the eyes.  Normally, application of the Latisse is to the eyelashes and eyelids, so it shouldn't be going into the eyes themselves too much.

The good news here is that it should not cause any permanent corneal damage.  If the dryness is caused by the Latisse, it should return to normal once you stop or decrease the medication.  In the meantime, you can try increasing your artifiical tears or try some thicker gels to compensate.  If it's still troublesome, I would see your eye care provider.

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