LASIK Observation

Is it reasonable to ask the doctor if you can observe a LASIK procedure before deciding on the treatment?

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Watching A Lasik Procedure

It is absolutely reasonable to ask your surgeon if you can observe a Lasik procedure.  Learning more about the LASIK surgery itself patients at ease, especially for those hesitating to have LASIK due to fear. Once you can witness other patients go through the procedure you will see that the LASIK procedure takes only a matter of minutes.  And of course see the smiles of the patients once their surgery is done. 

Our facilities offer special patient viewing areas where you can observe a LASIK procedure without being a distraction to the patient undergoing the procedure or the surgeon.  It is a safe and comfortable environment for both the patient and observer. 

City Of Industry Ophthalmologist
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Observing LASIK Surgery

I think your request to your surgeon of desiring to watch a surgery before having your own done is reasonable. Of course, the HIPAA Law has made it somewhat more complicated to observe surgery. The patient undergoing the procedure must give the surgeon permission for you to observe. Once this is done, it should be relatively straight forward to have you observe. Of course, the surgeons primary concentration as you watch the procedure will be towards the patient having LASIK at that moment, so any questions you have will have to wait until the procedure is completed. On the fun side, however, the typical LASIK patient is so happy with their vision just as they sit up from the procedure, that you will likely get to hear or see their reaction too!

Anthony J. Kameen, MD
Baltimore Ophthalmologist
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Many doctors have the LASIK procedure on a web page for you to view

Yes. Many doctors have the procedure on their web page or you tube.  This is a video that follows one of our patient's experience.  She's a speed skier and now can see better than 20/20 without her glasses or contacts. 

Christopher Coad, MD
New York Ophthalmologist
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