If I Go Lasik, at Friday, Will I Be Able to Catch Up Lessons at Monday?

I have 2.25 myopia, thinking of lasik. Will I be able to see slides(distance: 6 meters to slideshow/ I cant see from 2 meters normally) on monday in university? And will I be able to read? within 2 days?

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Work After LASIK

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While there are no guarantees and every patient is different, most people who have LASIK surgery on Friday are able to return to work or school on Monday.  Your vision will most likely not be perfect but is generally quite functional.

San Diego Ophthalmologist

How Quickly Do I See After LASIK

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Most people have excellent vision the day after their LASIK procedure. Personally, I performed LASIK surgery the day after my procedure. I have had pilots fly planes and the vast majority of my patients are able to see well enough to drive a car the next day. There can be no guarantees as to the level of vision that you will have afterwards, but the likelihood is high that it will be able to allow you to see what you need at school.


Mark Golden, MD
Chicago Ophthalmologist

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