Lasik Enhancement: Still Seeing Starbursting off Lights

I had my lasik enhancement a week ago today. I'm still seeing the starbursting off lights at night and halos. What could still be causing this? My pupil is close to 8mm give or take and the optical zone used was 6.5mm, 1.25mm transition, and blend to 9mm. Any suggestions or ideas?

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Haloes and star bursting after LASIK enhancement

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This is usually just due to typical healing phenomena.   There is microscopic swelling in the corneal flap and it has to abate before optical aberrations go away for good.   Of course there are also issues which are rare that can lead to persistent glare and haloing, but it is far too early to be worrying about those, which include flap aberrations and corneal epithelial ingrowth.    Pupil size has nothing to do with this.   Many studies have refuted that pupil size is correlated to haloes and glare, including thousands of military air-men who were evaluated post lasik.   What is correlated is the amount of correction performed, so high prescriptions have greater risk for glare.  Enhancements are small prescriptions typically, so it is not likely related to your early post op issues.  

McLean Ophthalmologist

Often Starbursts after LASIK will disappear over time

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Be patient.  Often these symptoms will disappear over time.  If it’s only been a week, waiting is the best thing you can do.

Christopher Coad, MD
New York Ophthalmologist

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