LASIK Enhancement Surgery

Why would LASIK Enhancement Surgery be needed? Is there an additional cost?

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Need for LASIK/PRK Enhancement

Depending on your age and the type of treatment you received, an enhacement is sometimes necessary to maintain your desired optimal vision.  If you received LASIK/PRK before age 40 and now you are in your forties or later and are noticing difficulty with reading, an enhancement, that may allow for monovision may be necessary if you desire to remain spectacle-free.  This is due to age-related changes in your lens, not from the LASIK/PRK treament.  If you were far-sighted (wore + lenses) before the initial LASIK/PRK, there can be regression of the treatment, and you may require enhancements to maintain your distance vision.  Hyperopic treatments are known to regress more commonly than myopic treatments.  Most surgeons do charge additional fees for enhancements outside a certain time frame from the initial procedure.

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LASIK Enhancement Surgery

Some people can over-respond or under-respond to excimer laser ablation of the cornea. Usually the surgeon will observe for at least 3 months after surgery. If the patient feels the vision is not optimal and the surgeon feels it is indicated and likely to be helpful, then they can agree to proceed with enhancement surgery. Enhancement cost may vary depending on the surgeon and laser center but is usually considerably less than the initial surgery.

Howard S. Kornstein, MD
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A LASIK enhancement can be needed for a variety of reasons

An enhancement can be needed for a variety of reasons, some even planned. This is often the case with older individuals who are unsure if they will adjust to monovision or with younger patients who have LASIK before their eyes have stopped changing. Enhancement (or fine tuning) is a beauty of the procedure and increases patient’s satisfaction. Our practice does not charge for enhancements, but this can vary greatly. Ask before having the procedure.

Christopher Coad, MD
New York Ophthalmologist
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