Lashes under the skin after lower blepharoplasty. Will it eventually be ok and the skin smoothed out?

A couple of lashes got stitched into (under the skin) during my blepharoplasty. The skin is prominent in these area and sensitive to touch. The thing is, these don't appear to be cut lashes, rather overlapped skin, hence still with roots (possibility for growth). I told my doctor about this, but he says it's nothing and that it will "work itself out". Either way, is it ok to have lash under skin like this? Will it eventually be ok and the skin smoothed out?

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Trapped Eyelashes after Blepharoplasty

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I have never had a problem with trapped eyelashes under the skin after blepharoplasty. If your Plastic Surgeon said to not worry about it, you should be patient and trust his judgement.

The skin takes time to be smooth and less puckered. It may take one year for the scar to mature.

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