Lash Stimulator?

Hi, i have read that lash stimulators work by activating lazy hair follicles, i wanna know if these are activated are they going to be deactivated after stopping the lash stimulator or not, because i used one about 9 months ago and i have grown some lashes in undesired places and i pluck them out but they grow back and i am still growing new lashes in areas i don't want and out of my natural lash line.

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Latisse and Unwanted Hair Growth

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     Latisse can cause the development of hair in other areas.  The product was be placed precisely with the applicator.

Growing hairs in undesirable locations after using lash stimulator products

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Technically, yes, you are correct. If you get drops of the solution onto undesirable sites, you can grow hairs there, if there are active hair follicles. That's why it's important to follow the upper lash line only, and not go beyond, or you can get small hairs to grow at the corners and sides of the eyes. Lash stimulators can activate any hair follicles, not just eyelashes, so that's why Latisse is in testing for use in the scalp and eyebrows too.

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