Best Laser Tattoo Removal for Green, Purple, Yellow, and Black Ink?

Which laser(revlite/versapulse c)is best for removing a tattoo w/ green, purple, yellow, and black ink? I am a dark-skinned african american. THe tattoo is located on my risk. It is a tattoo of a purple flower with green and some yellow leaves.

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Best laser

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In our practice, we believe that the pico sure is the best , but you need to
make sure it's a provider that has the Picosure 532 which is the best
handpiece to treat color tattoos. Picosure uses picosecond technology
that hits the pigment with very heavy pressure that makes the ink flake
away like dust which makes it very easy for the body to get rid of .
Other providers may try to mix multiple machines but for the colors only
the pico 532 can safely and effectively clear the Tatoo faster and
effectively .

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