Is 'Lasered' Aspirated Fat Denser/ Lighter Than Traditionally Aspirated Fat?

Hi, I just had laser lipolysis on my anterior thighs, arms, inner thighs, knees and buttocks, and the total amount of fat removed was only 400ml. I was very surprised as I was expecting more like 1.5 litres. I can't see any results at all and am very worried, though my surgeon said 'laser melted' fat is the equivalent to 3 x more in fat removed via traditional lipo - ie 400ml of lasered fat equates to 1.2 litres of fat removed via traditional lipo. Is this true? Any help greatly appreciated!

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Yes, this is true

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I have noticed that fat extracted after laser lipolysis is denser.  There is less fluid and the fat is not in globules, but liquefied.  I agree that the fat is more concentrated.  You shouldn't be too concerned with the amount that was removed.  What is more important is the appearance of the area and the improvement in contour after the fat removal.  If not enough fat was removed, additional fat can always be taken in another procedure.

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