Laser / Vaser with Acculift Results?

Dear Doctors, I have a Liposuction with acculift scheduled for the 8th of Dec for my upper back, outter arms, outter&inner things and stomach+abdomen area which are being done in 2 chunks. How do you think the results of this sort of surgery will be and will the acculift on my stomach and abs help tighten the skin without any loose skin and when will I be able to see desired results along with being fully healed from surgeries in reality? Thankyou and God bless...

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Laser / Vaser with Acculift Results?

Thank you for your question. The skin tightening claim is always, in my opinion, overstated. Skin retraction/tightening occurs sometimes, but not all of the time, and the duration is not always what one wants. If there are any stretch makes in the area, tightening will be poor. I hope this helps.

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VASER with Acculift Results

The Acculift® procedure is generally used for facial rejuvenation. However, its results can possibly be obtained in other parts of the body as well. Because it’s not a permanent soft tissue treatment, you may get better results with VASER® Lipo in the long term. The practitioners of Acculift® talk about having a revision procedure every other year after the initial procedure; I think it’s probably not likely you will have long term results, although the photos of their initial outcomes are impressive.

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