Can I Use Laser to Uniformly Reduce a Dense Beard Stubble?

South asian male I have dense hair and it shows under my skin even right after shaving to give me a permanant dark shadow. Can i use laser hair removal to either make the hair grow back thinner or to uniformly reduce the number of hair per square inch - maybe with fewer treatments. I don't want to permanantly remove all my facial hair. Can you suggest the best option to reduce my dark shadow and get a cleaner looking face. Rgds

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Laser hair removal

Laser hair reduction is always a better way to describe what is going on with each treatment.  Only those hairs actively growing and receiving energy at the proper depth will see a shut down in growth.  One cannot totally predict what percentage will be impacted at each visit, but I tell patients it will be in the 60-70% range if the proper settings are achieved.  I will usually suggest to those who don't want to go for maximal reduction to take them one treatment at a time and wait at least 6 weeks to determine the need for another treatment.  For your skin I would strongly suggest using 1064 Nd:YAG which is safe for all skin types.

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