Will laser turbinate surgery help my breathing?

I've struggled to breathe at night and sometimes in the day since I broke my nose. I had septorhinoplasty to improve shape and breathing but I still can't breathe. I was told that I have inflammation inside the nose and 50% of the problem is turbinates. The other 50% is a slight nasal collapse. (breathing improved slightly when tip is pushed up). I'm going for the laser surgery as I'm always sneezing and my allergies are bad.Would the laser surgery help breathing significantly?Or do I need both?

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nasal obstruction causes

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There are multiple causes of nasal obstruction which included deviated septum, nasal fracture, valve collapse, vestibular stenosis, turbinate hypertrophy, and allergies. Each one of these are treated differently depending upon the cause. If hypertrophied and enlarged turbinates are the cause then there are a multitude of turbinate procedures that can be performed to make them smaller and improved air flow once you have failed medical therapy first..

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Turbinectomy for breathing

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If your turbinates are enlarged and obstructing your airway passages, then it should help your breathing. Insurance usualy coves this procedure and I do it as an outpatient.

Edward J. Domanskis, MD
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