Laser Treatment, Tummy Tuck, or Body Lift for Stretch Marks?

I am 28, I gained nearly 80 pounds. I have not lost the weight yet. I went from 120 pounds to nearly 200 pounds(present). I have stretch marks on my hips(worst), a few on my lower stomach, a few on upper thighs, and a few on my butt. I have not had kids yet if this makes a difference for treatment. Should I wait until I lose weight to have treatment done or is it better to do it now with skin to work with? What should I do for best results? Would the scar from TT or BL be worse than the SM?

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Stretch Mark Removal

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Thank you for your question.

Only you can answer the question if the scar from the tummy tuck surgery is better or worse than the actual stretch marks.  The best thing to do is to lose as much of the weight as possible and be at a stable weight prior to any surgical procedure.

Visit with well experienced plastic surgeons who can show you examples and discuss the pro's and con's of surgery with you.

Best Wishes.

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