Does Laser Treatments Remove the Whole Tattoo in Time?

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Tattoo Removal Takes Time

It may take up to a year in order to have your tattoo removed 10-12 treatments.  At Fresh Canvas, a Division of Las Vegas Dermatology we also use the RevLite SI- it is a fantastic machine that fires its energy in nanoseconds shattering ink, which makes it so that the body can absorb and process the ink for removal.  Most patients need at least 6 weeks between treatments, and results can be very impressive to the point where it may be difficult to see where the original ink was placed.  Typically the entire tattoo is treated in 1 visit depending on the location.  Do not let someone treat your tattoo if it encircles any limb, as swelling may occur and cause a problem with blood flow.  Make sure that whoever treats your tattoo is able to deal with the possible complications of laser therapy- bleeding, pain, scar or infection.  Best of luck!

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Do laser treatments remove the whole tattoo...

Treating an unwanted tattoo with a laser is the best way to remove it.  Unfortunately, no one can guarantee the complete removal because that depends on several factors.  The easiest colors to remove are dark blue/black, and red.  However, green and yellow can be more difficult.  Certain areas of the body are also more difficult such as the ankle.  Most patients can either completely remove the tattoo or mostly remove it after an average of 6 sessions.  Some patients, however, may not get the result they want.  Most people are happy so that is why we perform the procedure.  Be sure to consult with a physician who performs a lot of laser tattoo removal.

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Tattoo removal

There are several factors to consider with laser tattoo removal.  The depth of the placement of the ink, the type/color of ink, the type of laser technology used all contribute total tattoo removal.  At Chic Esthetiq, our medical spa and laser center, we use the Revlite SI laser system to remove tattoos.  It uses a photo acoustic technology to breakdown the ink, instead of heat.  This decreases the amount of local tissue damage.  Most inks can be removed, but some are difficult to remove with any laser, as lighter colors, such as blue-green, white, and pink.  These colors more closely match skin and blood vessels, so the laser has a more difficult time with these.  With the Revlte, though, it is a tunable laser that can go for these colors more successfully.  It will require several treatments.

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