Laser Treatment for Toe Nail Fungus

a doctor prescribed me a drug to get rid of toe nail fungus. But then I read the side effects, and I was totally not interested in taking it. Is there some type of low level laser that would "zap" away the fungus. is this something any laser clinic offers, or do I need to go to a podiatrist or similar? Thnk YOU!

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Laser treatment for fungus

Killing fungus in the toenails is not easy, and the success rate depends on several factors, but most importantly how many nails are involved, what type of fungus it is and how long the fungus has been there. There are creams and nail polishes which have modest benefit, and pills which are considered the most effective (but require blood tests & uncommonly have side effects). Lasers for toenail fungus are controversial as there are more & more clinics now offering this treatment, and yet the science and studies are lacking.

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