Laser Treatment for Thick Nostril Skin?

My concern is the thickness of my nostril skin and has been for a long time, and not the alar base width itself. I understand that reducing the skin thickness is not normally done by surgeons because it poses a great risk in post scarring.

Howeve, is it possible that the thickness can be reduced by using a fat burning laser since the alar skin is made up of fibrous fatty tissue? Like, similar to treating Rhinophyma which I believe uses a CO2/YAG laser to reduce the excess skin/fat caused by the disease? And is this performed anywhere?

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Thick nasal skin could be excess fat or early rhinophyma

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This question cannot really be answered without a photo. What you call thick skin could be anything from an early rhinophyma to excess fat under the skin such as a thick alar rim.

If the rims are so wide that the nostril openings are small this can be addressed but again that is hard to say without an examination or photo. Rhinophymas do not all look the same. Some affect only the tip. Others affect mostly the bridge. Some are very red others have normal skin color.

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Laser to thin nasal skin?

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There isn't any role for lasers in trying to thin thick nasal skin. Thinning the skin surgically carries the risk of hurting the blood supply and creating significant scarring.

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