Laser Treatment for Spider Veins

I want laser treatment for my small area of spider veins because I am afraid of needles. But the more I research, the more confused and concerned I am about the side effects - especially discoloration and blistering. I seem to be getting a lot of conflicting information. I just need a good doctor I can rely on - is a dermatologist best or a vein specialist? What is the best way to check out the competency of the doctor? Also, what is the best type of laser to use?

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IPL for the face 1064 ND:YAG for the legs

The best results I have seen for the facila blood vessels are with the IPL (intense pulse light). May take a few treatments for difficulte small vessels. For the legs 1064 ND:YAG works best up to vessels of 3-4 mm diameter, Those as well may take a few treatments!

Both the laser and injections may have complications such as discoloration, sweeling, pain etc.

Find an experience doctor that has pictures or has been refered by some one that has had the treatments before!!!

Good Luck!

Laser treatment of spider veins

Laser treatment for spider veins of the leg is effective for blood vessels up to 1.5mm in size. Anything bigger requires surgical treatment or sclerotherapy (injection with needles). Spider veins of the face in general are treated with laser treatment almost exclusively. The best treatment for blood vessels on the legs is 1064 ND:YAG long pulsed laser and for the face it could be the same or intense pulsed light or pulsed dye laser for the face. I hope this information helps.

Scott Trimas, MD
Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon
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