What Treatments Are There to Remove Scars from Sports Injuries?

What is the best laser to use for removal of body scars? These are an "accumulation" of scars I've achieved over a lifetime of sports...many on my shins, and a few on my face, etc.

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Scar prevention and treatment

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You should be evaluated by a board-certified dermatologist as there different types of scarring, e.g. hypertrophic, atrophic, post-inflammatory pigmentation. Hypertrophic scarring can be improved with judicious use of intralesional Kenalog steroid and scar massage. Atrophic scarring can be filled in with a variety of different fillers depending on location on the body. Post-inflammatory pigmentation can be minimized with strict daily sun protection of affected areas, application of prescription strength bleaching cream, and emollient application.

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