Will Laser Treatment Reduce Pore Size with Rhinophyma?

I have a mild case of rhinophyma and have deep, large pores on my nose. The skin is quite thick. Will Laser treatment help and if so which is best?

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Yes, laser reduces pore sizing and rhinophyma

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Yes, lasers can reduce the excess tissue associated with end stage rosacea rhinophyma. It can also reduce pore sizing. 

Most often, after patients heal from their rhinophyma laser surgery, I prescribe low dose isotretinoin, twice a week, and give patients a regimental massage program to reduce pore size as well. 

All the best. 

Video tells the story ( Web Reference below)

Dr Davin Lim
Laser Dermatologist
Brisbane, Australia. 

Laser treatment can affect pore size and prevent Rhinophyma from worsening

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Rhinophyma is a progressive condition in which the skin on the nose thickens and the pores become wider an fill with more sebum. In the early stages of this condition fractional laser treatments can keep your nose looking normal and decrease pore size and prevent the condition from progressing. As the conditions progresses, more advanced treatments will be needed to improve the appearance of the nose and restore the normal contours.

Treatment of Rhinophyma

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Rhinophyma can be described as the end stage of Rosacea, whereby sebaceous gland growth becomes so prominent that the nose becomes disfigured.  A common misconception is that Rhinophyma is associated with alcohol abuse.  It isn't.  Most patients with this disorder bear a heavy psychological weight because of their appearance and because of the misconceptions associated with this disorder.  Generally, the treatment is via surgical thinning with a scalpel, CO2 laser or other device.  None of these treatments necessarily affect pore size, but induce the formation of scar tissue that prevents future deformity.  An example of a patient I have treated is seen in the link below (probably my happiest patient ever!)

Stephen Prendiville, MD
Fort Myers Facial Plastic Surgeon
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