Laser Surgery and Permanent Makeup to Remove Burn Scar?

I have a deep burn scar that's over 14 years old on the left side of my face and neck (from cheek to neck). I went to a plastic surgeon and he said he couldn't do anything with a major scar but he recommended: getting laser procedure to smooth out the scar (maybe 50% improvement); if redness occurs after laser procedure use a permanent makeup. I'm wondering if this is feasible. I don't want to have laser surgery only to have redness where the scar was.

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Making burn scars better with fractional laser treatments for scars

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New studies have shown the efficacy of fractional laser for the retexturing of burn scars on the face and body. I would treat the skin with Melarase creams. 

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Laser treatment for burn scar can be followed by vascular laser to reduce redness

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Fractional ablative lasers are gaining new ground in the treatment of burn scars. Fraxel Repair, DeepFX and other CO2 based lasers are helping scar victims achieve smoother skin.

A CO2 laser will cause redness and you will have to endure this until the skin is healed. But, following that, when all treatments are complete, you have the option of vascular lasers which can minimize and in some cases eliminate redness.

The redness is partially an effect of increased blood flow to the treated area which aids healing. All lasers induce some type of wounding from the heat and the body will increase blood supply to the area to assist.

The redness is caused by enlargement of capillaries in the skin and the vascular lasers will help shrink them.

Nissan Pilest, MD
Irvine Dermatologic Surgeon
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