Best Laser Treatment for Leg Scars?

I have a lot of scars in legs and knees. Can Laser surgery remove this?

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Lasers for leg scars

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I see you are in the Philippines. Your genetic background makes you more susceptible to hyperpigmenation after any trauma. Lasers can help, but only if they are done extremely carefully. A fractional laser such as the Fraxel laser can be used, though in your case I would suggest a test section to see what kind of pigmentation response you will get.

You don't say what the scars are from or if they are colored scars or white scars. This may be a deciding factor for your physician in choosing a treatment.

Recognize that any laser which has the potential to reduce scars will be a "hot" laser. All hot lasers can trigger post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, so treatments for those with high melanin content (all Asians) has to be done with extraordinary care and often with a pre and post treatment program of topicals to suppress pigmentation.

The newest Fraxel laser with thulium laser wavelength is designed to treat both deeper and superficial pigmentation. I've not yet used this laser so honestly can't gauge response. Perhaps it will be advantageous for you to wait a while longer before deciding on a specific treatment.

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