Laser Treatment to Hasten Healing After Mole Removal?

I have just had two moles removed and would like to know when and if it can be too early for laser scar therapy?

Its been a month and they seem to have flattened and are getting smoother and softer by the day, but still very pink and red. I went to a doc who told me that the laser will speed up the fading of the scar. Is this true? Or can it posibly make it worse? What kind of lasers are there?

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Add Botox

If you are going through the effort to have a laser treatment, you might as well add Botox. This will decrease the muscular tension on the wound. Cost would not be less than the laser.

The pulsed dye laser would take out some of the redness from the scar, although nature will do a pretty good job of this on its own.

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