Laser Treatment for Spider Vein- Nerve Damage?

thank you to Victoria for her reply. After laser treatment I did have a scab form over where the laser touched my skin. Two days later i eat cold fruit from fridge and had my first and only attack of Trigenimal Neurogia. I have not had an attack since but I still worry in case there was nerve damage.

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Trigeminal neuralgia is not triggered by superficial vein treatment with laser

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It is not likely that the trigeminal nerve has been irritated from laser treatment of superficial veins in the face/nose. I recommend that you see your neurologist for guidance. 

Laser Treatment for Spider Veins and Nerves

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Thank you for your question. Time will tell you if there was any damage.  Typically, nerves are not damaged as the laser targets red and blue colors.  The vein may be near the nerve, and cause some inflammation.  Be sure to be followed by your board certified dermatologist, board certified plastic surgeon, or neurologist to determine the best course of action. I hope this helps.

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