Laser Treatment for Sun Damaged Caucasian Skin?

I'm 61 years old, Caucasian and of Polish decent. I have lines caused by sun damage (no spots) and wrinkles, crows feet and lots of lines in the lip ares above and below. My concerns are mainly the lip area and hte lines beneath eye and crows feet. What type of Laser treatment would best serve me?

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Micro Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing, a new gold standard for reversal of sun damage

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Signs of sun damage include emergence of sun spots, freckling and pigmentation, deepening of skin lines, loss of elasticity, and ultimately sagging of face and neck. One should look for a treatment modality that can address to some extent all of the signs of aging. I believe micro fractional CO2 laser has become the new gold standard where we can see relatively dramatic clinical difference with one treatment with potentially less than a week of downtime. Do your homework and ask if their before and after photos are of their own patients. Beware of pirated clinical photos floating out there on the web.

Ask for a board-certified dermatologist who understands wound healing and preferably has done at least 100 cases of your skin type. There should be a team-approach involving educated and caring staff to review pre-op and post-op wound care instructions. If your consultation does not involve discussion of possible complications and steps to minimize them, you should look elsewhere.

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