Can Any Laser Treatment Help Get Rid of Brown Stripe on Forehead?

I have a brown stripe (1-2 inches wide) on the right side of my forehead, from the hairline down to the eyebrow. According to the description of morphea, scleroderma or melasma, it does not look like any of these skin conditions. I have it for over 15 years, since I was 20. The skin is very thin and it looks like there is no fat underneath it. I am fair skinned, and I wonder whether IPL, Photofacial, Laser Genesis, or Microdermabrasion would help to make the stripe appear lighter.

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Proceed with caution on Laser for an undiagnosed brown stripe

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I would not proceed with laser until you have an actual diagnosis. There are many possible causes of such a stripe. Based on your description, a condition call "En Coupe de Sabre" is a definite possible. However, you reallly need to see a dermatologist and have a proper evaluation. This is essential before undertaking any laser treatment.

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