Laser Treatment Alternatives for Acne Scarring?

Aside from laser treatment, I am really keen on seeking other methods to resolve my acne scars. I have light to moderate ice pick and box scars. I've heard recently about the TCA cross method but I'm wondering whether glycolic acid would do the trick (agrees with my skin more). Also, would silicone sheeting speed up the healing process and result to a better outcome?

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Laser treatment alternatives for acne scarring?

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Before lasers, the GOLD standard was using chemicals for acne scars. So, you could go back in time and have chemical peels. The deeper the scars, the stronger the acid concentration. I don't think you'll see a lasting benefit with glycolic treatments once the swelling goes down. You may also consider having the scars undermined and then fat injected under the scar to help with the appearance. I've not seen any well controlled studies showing a faster healing with silicone sheeting.

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