Does laser treated hair return coarse?

i m a man i did more than 7 laser hair removal sessions for my cheeks. i had very coarse hair before treatment. after the treatment i get fine hair but none is disappeared. finally i decided to stop treatment at least for a while. My question will this hair become again coarse specially after shaving.

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Hello, I see that you became discouraged after seven laser treatments because you still had hair growth, but I want to encourage you not to feel as if you have wasted your money or time. It sounds as if the laser did quite well and you now have finer, thinner hair growth. Being that you are male and had laser treatments on your face it may take more treatments than normal because of the amount of hair follicles on a male face. That being said, the hair follicles that the laser destroyed will not return at all but the body can produce new hair follicles that can potentially become coarse from shaving over time. Thank you for your question.

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Does laser treated hair return coarse?

An average patient usually needs about 5-6 sessions of laser hair removal for semi-permanent reduction of hair. After each session, on average you should notice a 25% reduction of hair growth. Laser hair removal is semi-permanent because your body can make new hair follicles over time. If you have had about 7 sessions, your hair should be noticeably less abundant and finer. The treated hair should not become coarse over time. However, if new hair follicles form this may lead to coarse hair.

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