What is the Best Laser for Tightening and Fat Reduction?

I'd like to tighten my facial skin all-over AND to get rid of some the fat under my chin/neck. Are there any lasers that can do both? Also I've read that I should discontinue retinol-A for one week prior to use of any lasers, and if prone to herpes cold sores, should be on anti-virals. Is this true?

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Liposuction and its laser radiofrequency etc forms

Lasers and radiofrequency devices can give you some mild skin tightening but are ineffective if the amount of excess skin is large. They work by basically cooking the tissue just like a steak shrinks on the grill. Without a photo or physical examination and not even knowing your age it is impossible to say if they are even viable options in your case. I have looked but not found any medical literature studies proving any difference between the end result of old fashion liposuction and the new fangled varieties using lasers, water jets or radiofrequency.

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