Number of Laser Tattoo Removal Sessions on Wrist?

I have a new all black small ankh on my wrist. I was wondering, how many laser tattoo removal sessions would it take to get rid of this tattoo? I was also wondering if I should wait a year to remove the tattoo, and in the meantime, use a cream to help fade the tattoo, and then have it lasered off?

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Number of laser tattoo removal sessions on wrist

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Based on the photo and the color I would recommend 6 sessions.  The location is one that reacts well with the laser treatment. 

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Tattoo removal

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Although it is never possible to accurately predict the exact number of laser treatments necessary, your tattoo does have favorable characteristics for successful treatment (including color and location). On the other hand, the tattoo is a professional tattoo and seems to be quite densely  Inked. I would anticipate that anywhere from 5 to 10 treatments may be necessary.

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