Will Laser Tattoo Removal Work For Me? (photo)

After getting a "touch up" I was devastated. I saw another artist who did a lot to fix it and although it looks much better, I am not. I have realized way too late that tattoos are not for me. At this point I feel like my life is over. This tattoo has taken over in an extremely negative way and has effected all aspects of my life... so much that I'm now in therapy over it. I am desperately asking for help. Please let me know what my options are for removal of all the ink on my arm. Thank you.

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Will Laser Tattoo Removal Work for Me?

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Hi Geamrok.  Yes, you are a candidate for laser tattoo removal, but it will be a long road.  With all the colors you have (greens, orange and yellow would be the most difficult) it takes more treatments.  We would probably be estimating between 10-15 treatments.  

You also may consider seeking out a laser practitioner that has BOTH the Q-switched Nd:Yg (Yag) laser and the Q-switched Ruby or Alexandrite.  There is no single wavelength of light that will easily remove all the colors you have and seeking out a practice with the Yag and Ruby or Alexandrite wavelengths will greatly increase the chance of success with the tattoo you have.  Good luck.

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