Laser Tattoo Removal on Each Foot Possible?

I have a tattoo on each foot that I would like to remove, they are both about three months old and I deeply regret them. They are each roughly 3x3 inches. Black outline and shading on each , one foot has a blue flower(mostly shading), one foot has red flower (mostly shading) , both have touches of yellow, a small amount of turqouise and some seafoam green in the leaf portion. Will the location make it impossible to remove with a laser? How many treatments can I expect and what would the cost be?

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Removing tattoo on foot by laser

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yes. Removal of tattoo is possible on foot, including toes and legs and any other parts of extremities. The black color is much easier than other colors, although as more treatments are done, other colors also tend to fade away. Multiple treatments are required and with each treatment the tattoo gets lighter. The laser settings used in the treatment of tattoo varies with from each individuals. 

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