Laser Tattoo Removal No Blisters.. 5 Days & Counting

After the removal, felt a bit of "burn" so to speak for the following two-three days.. Till now.. No blisters.. So I highly doubt any scabs are going to form.. Just a yellow bruise like tinge engulfing the surrounding skin of my tattoo.. & its sore... I see some breakage, is it too soon? Or normal? Or did I get scarred? Its made up of line like patterns.. So I can see there is some discontinuity between the lines.. Is this a good sign that my tattoo could significantly be faded from one session?

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Blisters after Laser Tattoo Removal.

It sounds like you are having a normal recovery from laser tattoo removal. Blisters sometime do occur but in general you try to avoid them. You should experience some fading but you will still require several treatments more. Just be sure to keep some oinent on it for a fee days and stay out of the sun. Your next treatment should be in about 6 weeks. Its a journey so hang in there.

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